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I’m Brendan Bourke, a photographer and film-maker, born and reared in Dublin, Ireland.  I started taking photographs as a hobby when I worked in Sight and Sound Distributors, where I bought my first camera.  I liked it so much, I enrolled at Kevin Street College to study my new found passion.  Even a year before I received my qualification, my work was being published in newspapers and magazines.

Coming from a theatrical family, I was always interested in cinema and theatre, and took a lot of visual inspiration from the cinema and stage of my youth.  I’m at my best with a story to tell, be it in photographs, screenplay or on film.

In the early days I worked principally in fashion photography, specialising in studio and catwalk shoots.  My photographs were regularly published in all the Irish monthly fashion magazines and in the national newspapers.  An eye for shooting live bands landed me the job of principle photographer for Fresh Magazine, an ambitious full colour music magazine published in the late 80’s. 

Always intrigued by moving images, I eventually shot some footage on a CP16 camera borrowed from a college friend.  The interest in film developed in parallel with ongoing stills shooting.  I shot and lit a number of short films on 16mm film and various video formats, and a feature film on DV video.

After receiving the rights to the short story Fishing the Sloe-Black River, as a gift from Colum McCann, I went on to co-write and direct my first short film.  This was the first Irish short to be shot in 35mm scope, and went on to be the first Irish short to receive a mainstream cinema release.  It also enjoyed considerable festival success, it’s world premiere being the opening film at the 1995 Cork International Film Festival.  Other notable festivals include Rotterdam, The Hamptons,  London and Cork.

Having been commissioned by Producer Joe Condren to write a screenplay about the life of Francis Hughes, I decided to return to college and took a Masters in Screenwriting at The National Film School, Dun Laoighaire.  As my final submission, I adapted Colum McCann’s novella Hungerstrike, and the resulting screenplay was the first draft of Here Comes the Summer. Now in collaboration with Colum, this screnplay has received development and production finance from the Irish Film Board.

I’m a director of 1i Films, the production company that made my most recent short film, Dust.  Following it’s premier at the Cork International Film Festival in November 2009, I have decided to add a Voice-over and change the title to Boom Town.